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How do I get my invention manufactured?

A problem I always had, but we have now set up the entire system for you where you retain ownership of your design, and we guide you through the processes to sales and income

How can I manufacture in the UK?

We insist in most cases the products are manufactured in the UK, currently, we are making our products in 5 factories in and around Bedfordshire.

How do I protect my invention?

You don't need to as we register your design, and protect it as we go through the design manufacture process, if you need further protection we will cover that in our meetings with you.

where can I get design advice for my idea?

If you download our form and fill in the first section we can assess your idea and offer you advice in complete confidence.

How safe is my invention if I tell you about it?

Your invention or idea is totally safe with us, we get tremendously excited about new ideas or concepts that cross our desks, but respect that it belongs to you and so goes no further.

How much will it cost me?

If you download our form it lists the costings of the initial stages, Other costs are dependant on size, or complexity of your idea. Our aim is always to get you into profit as soon as we can.

When can I call myself an inventor?

When we have registered your design you take ownership of the title, as soon as you invest in it you are also known as an entrepreneur.

Can I claim R&D grants?

Can I claim R&D grants?

Yes you can usually around 14% of your costs so keep track of your spending

What can I do to promote my product?

There are many awards to apply for in all cataories, you can look at innovator, inventor, entrepreneur, also awards within the groups your product fits, ie. sports. gardening etc. when the design is finalised and protected contact radio, magazines etc. Set up a facebook page and use social media to its full advantage. We can give you some guidelines to follow.

Can I get help financing this venture?

Yes we have contacts with trusted financiers who trust our judgement on products and designs and will support you

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