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Now into 2019.
have you ever thought I can do or make that better, now you can as we have opened up Etree Dream Factory" where you can send in your idea , we will assess it work some design magic on it if needed, manufacture and sell it for you , all in confidence!, go see the site and ask for a form.

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The "Wash A Way" is a brush cleaner, roller cleaner and now makeup brush cleaner that cleans without the mess in usually less than 30 seconds. For a really dirty cleanup it can be longer. The washaway also cleans oil-based paints from paintbrushes and rollers. An emulsion paint is an emulsified oil based paint (surprisingly not many people realise this), the emulsifier in it is strong enough to use instead of white spirit to work into the brush or roller prior to washing in water. Just keep some old emulsion paint handy for this purpose. Don't mistake acrylic paint though as that is truly water-based.
The Wash
A Way is a British invented, designed and manufactured product. #washawaypaint.

now 2019 finalists in FSB awards
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