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We have a raft of products and more to come!
a "wash A Way2"with brush #washawaypaint
The "wash A Way" is one of our first forays into the DIY and professional market and it is taking it by storm. Too many people hate the decorating cleanup, this product makes it easy and mess free

Rubble Shovel

rubble shovel indestructable large plastic rubble pan
This Amazing Shovel started life as an indestructible long-handled shovel we
then adapted it to be the rubble shovel with its own handle, a custom-made
brush and still the facility to fit a long handle. The shovel is at home clearing up
on the building site, in the farmyard or at home, it has a 5-year guarantee
so you won't be forever buying new. It is available from our store or many retailers.


Fence Guard security spikes allow you to discreetly protect your property from intruders and unwanted animals. Fence Guard can be screwed, glued, bent, cut and shaped onto almost any surface and its registered design meets safety legislation requirements.

A box of six strips will cover 3m, sufficient for 2 standard fence panels.


The simple way to aerate your lawns. Simply use the plastic strap to attach to your footwear. Walk slowly up and down your lawn making sure the spikes go right into the lawn for maximum impact. Made from super tough nylon.

Watering Can

A 10-litre modern design and sturdy watering can with unique handle, and stem to hold watering rose when off.

Choose from many colours.

Heavy Duty Tidy Tray

The Tidy Tray is ideal for keeping all your bits and bobs neat and tidy. The tray allows you to keep all your gardening gloves, trowels and spades together so there easy to find when required. It is also great for carrying around all your tools as you move around the garden. Endless uses, from a storage box for seeds and bulbs in the shed to a plant stand for the back of the car. Made from durable material, the tray is available in various colours.

New Eco Watering Can

New to our range, this eco can collect its own rainwater, stacks for better storage and transport has a measuring scale that doubles as a frog ladder to protect wildlife, yet to be put up for sale so watch this space.

Seed, Salt, Feed Spreader

This amazing spreader can adjust to sizes from a small seed to larger feed pellets. We make them in many colours with labels to suit the application and save cross contamination

Under Water Hockey Sticks

So you may not have heard of the sport, but we make the sticks in the UK and sell to 30+ countries

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