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About Invention

Jim at Spring Fayre

How the Wash A Way invention came about

Previously I made bespoke furniture.

When building and painting a kitchen with 5 different coloured doors I found myself with 5 rollers and brushes on the go at once.  looking for the eureka moment I came  up with the "Wash A Way"

  • It cleans brushes and rollers in under 60 seconds

  • It Saves Water

  • It leaves very little to no mess

  • It works with almost all paints

  • It is Bedfordshire Invented, designed and manufactured.

  • The concept which is design protected through "ACID" is the free flow away of all tainted water whilst having more groves slots or hole edges to work the brush against.

In the case of rollers, a flat surface to roll and squeeze against whilst all paint-laden water is immediately washed away.

The initial cleaning of both can be done underwater to loosen and dilute ready for the final wash in free-flowing clean water.

For oil-based paint, before cleaning we work in some emulsion paint and the emulsifier in the emulsion allows the brush or roller to be washed in water.

It partners our other products, i.e. "The rubble shovel",  "Fence Guard" etc. See spring fayre image.

We have partnered with other British manufacturers, to share a sales team, exhibition stands, and selling techniques, i.e. "NEC Plastics" "Walther strong" and "Blockblitz" See our combined stand in the spring fayre image.


•             I  have given up manufacturing kitchens to champion British Design and manufacturing

•             The “Wash A Way” is now distributed by wholesalers including “Colemans”, "Home Hardware", "Decco                 Ltd" "BOA", HSD Retail", "Castle Hardware", "Home Hardware South West", “Chain” Etc.

•             The “Wash A Way” went through approval and testing with Harris Brushes and won through for them                   to take it up in the future.

•             We are featured on “Ideal World TV” and are in their catalogue (item number 442006)

•             “Brewers" decorators centres” throughout the UK carry counter top boxes of 24 which our suppliers                      replenish, they are looking to have TV stands to promote it further in their top 20 stores.

•             “Taskers” in Liverpool have display stands of 160 “Wash A Way's” with TVs', so do “Rightways” and                       “Bevans” stores across Wales

•             “ETree productions” ( the Manufacturer and part owner of the mould) “Blockblitz” “Walther Strong” and                 “J Randalls” have come together to share our belief in British design and Manufacture, Share a UK                       wide sales team and display together at exhibitions and fayres.

•             We have a sales team covering all areas of the UK

•             NEC Plastics are now supplying Trago Mills and in Talks with B&Q

•             We have a “Wash A Way” Facebook page @washawaypaint.


It has changed my business model from that of being a small business to one of innovation. I have always invented and given away my ideas, some went on to be big sellers. The neoprene grouting float for one. I now at 70 have a pension and no mortgage and want to see British manufacturers building British goods. This is a small start, but we have at least a dozen innovative new tools to come out in the next couple of years

I am approached regularly by others who want to get their ideas to market, and can now advise, design, get them manufactured and using our sales team get them to market. In most cases as partner products to those already there.

E Tree productions and I are building and supplying the product to market with our sales team "Integrity supplies UK Ltd" handling the sales. we are looking at about 18 months before our marketing investments allow us to make a profit on this product but we are in it to win it, with adverts and TV promotions ongoing.

In 1965 I gained an engineering apprenticeship becoming a design draughtsman.

Then came kitchens and furniture.

A spell in the 80's recession saw me constructing aircraft interiors for the likes of Al Fayed, Lloyd Webber, Laings, The Daily Express, and signwriting for the film "Empire of the Sun" painting both Mustang aircraft.


We won the Euntropener of 2018 here is how Jim Randall did it:

I was a design engineering draughtsman with a machine shop apprenticeship and HND in engineering by the time I was 21.
The drawing office I worked in then closed offering me a place on the shop floor. I declined went self-employed. I took the design of a twin web feed for Waterlows printing that the firm "E W Hudsons Ltd" were doing at closure and finished the project at home. Hudsons then manufactured and installed it. From then I taught myself skills from building and engineering to be able to create projects. My motto is "master of all and jack of none". It must have worked as I have had a word of mouth career with a 2-year waiting list for the last 20 years apart from the 80's recession when it went down to 3 months.
some of my skills: Architecture, signwriting, plastering, bricklaying, joinery, french-polishing, engineering, 3D modelling, veneering, aircraft remodelling. electrical. software writing etc.
I have built houses on my own and about 30 extensions. I always seemed to come back to furniture and kitchen design manufacture and installing as a prefered occupation interspaced with bathroom design and installation. I knew I was good at it as I was in demand.
I have taught DIY on stage at "The little theatre Dunstable" to teach the public and set builders new skills.
All this said, my mind-set at 21 was to pursue my hobbies and do them with excellence to the point they were in demand. this meant taking on more and more hobbies, and it still goes on.
I know this sounds like a list of boasts, but to me, it has been a lifetimes business philosophy, thank you for reading.

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