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New direction So come along with us for the ride

A meeting last night made us realise we have a unique product, we will call it the "ETree Dream Factory" for the time being.

We have been taking our own inventions and ideas to market successfully for some time, then our customers ideas. Now it could be your turn.

Do you have a long cherished notion that an idea of yours could turn you into an inventor and potentially a millionaire, well we can make it happen. We have before and are still doing it.

We have the concept people, design team, British manufacturing in local factories, packaging and sales, also financing if you need it.

If you are or become a limited company we can advise on claiming back development costs for current or past projects, even if they failed. We will be making sure your next project will be a success. Jim Randall

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its here!!! go to www.etreedreams.co.uk to make your idea a reality, and potentially make a fortune from it, we have done it now so can you, and all in confidence!